The Canterbury Household Model

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


One of the first remodels from a MedicalModel to a Household Model in California. This project was initiated in response to a desire to transform a traditional Skilled Nursing Unit to a Household Model (CBC 1225). The client had a business model for the project based on a culture change staffed by Universal workers for two 10-bed "Household" communities. PDA remodeled a 28-Bed Skilled Nursing Unit to a 20-Bed Household Unit, in addition to an overall renovation and remodel to the facility. PDA provided a fresh and inviting remodel and refinishes delivering a boutique residential look within a limited building envelope.

The Canterbury Household remodel will be one of the first in the State under the new regulations. Upon completion it will be a greatly enhanced environment with patient centered elements including a central Great Room, Resident Patio, Resident Spa, increase of Private rooms, and a "Shahbazim" approach to care delivery which eliminates the traditional Nurse Station.