Cedars-Sinai North Tower 5th Floor Patient Room Remodel

PDA on the last phase of a multi-phase, multi floor med/surg remodel including: Remodel 64 patient rooms and associated patient toilet rooms, two nurse stations, ADA accessible staff and visitor toilet rooms and Cardiac monitoring room servicing multiple hospital med/surg units.

Patient room innovations at the 5N included integrated headwalls and footwalls with abstract dune pattern panels, modular power and medical gas boxes, lighting, equipment rails, televisions and patient information boards.

Custom charting substation desks were designed for the patient room vestibules that facilitate seated and standing use in a compact footprint. At the corridors, lighting was located at the perimeter walls to provide a comfortable environment for patients on gurneys. Nurse stations were designed to accommodate a significant increase in staff, in addition to properly housing each piece of equipment and technology. 



LOCATION  Los Angeles, CA

SIZE  25,000 sf


CLIENT  cedars-sinai medical center

SERVICES  ARCHITECTURE, construction administration