Gail Brown

Since I no longer put up a tree, all of my family ornaments are scattered among family members and the ones I do have are all political (Obama), so I purchased one “regular” Ornament. Who knows, this might be the beginning of a new tradition…Nope  :)

Alice Yum

Lotus flowers are used for celebrations and decorations in my Buddhist religion. It represents divine beauty and purity.

The unfolding of its leaves represents the expanding of the soul, spiritual  awakening and rebirth.

Cele Arceo

My daughter's 2nd grade Xmas gift to me.

Alicen Camacho

The history of this ornament is a bit of a mystery. No one in my family can remember who bought or found it, yet it never fails to be part of the tree.

Cindy Ferrer

This ornament is important to me because it was the year my youngest child was born, whom completed the family that I have today. 

Jose Reyes

This glazed terracotta ornament was purchased with my wife during our honeymoon in  Mexico. It symbolizes the blending of my heritage and the new journey forward.

Jeanmarie Zimmerman

Pinocchio cannot tell a lie.   On a memorable day in summer ’04,  after my son and I adopted him from Piazza del Mercato, we ate gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner!  

Robert Del Muro

Since Christmas is my favorite holiday, I decided to turn my favorite Star Wars character into an ornament. "May the force be with you."

Arlie Schrantz

My best friend gave me this ornament before we both left for college in different states. Now we live on opposite coasts, but we're still best friends. Whenever I see this ornament it reminds me of her, and even though we are geographically far apart, we're always going to be there for each other.

Peter Schubin

This is an ornament I created a few years back for our annual PDA holiday ornament competition. It is based on a compact sharps container PDA specified for one of our hospital remodel projects. The compact size turned out to be inappropriate for the project we were considering it for. However repurposed and decorated, it worked well as a holiday ornament for an architecture firm that specializes in healthcare projects. 


Jeff Cilley

We love this ornament! We’ve had it for quite some time and it brings our love of all things furry and cute to our Christmas Tree.

Bianca Tolbert

My dad bought this for me when I was about 10 or so. It is still one of my favorite ornaments to this day.

Leah Walker

Merry Christmas!  This ornament was the first ornament I was given by USC’s Engineering School when I was employed as a student worker.  It made me feel so welcome and ‘grown-up’ that I was now collecting my own set of ornaments to put on my own Christmas tree one day…so adult-like!  And it made me even more proud to be a Trojan…Fight On!

Iliana Kolettis

This ornament is dear to my heart not only because I love the underdog story personified by the petite mouse, but because when I first moved to the USA, we had to leave a lot behind.  A cousin of a cousin gifted me this ornament from her own in order to bring a little more joy and warmth to Christmas.

Fernando Perez

It was puzzling that my Christmas ornament was a puzzle I was able to solve.

Gerald Puchlik

Boris was one of my favorite cartoon characters growing up in 60’s.

He was always up to no good but he did have soft spot, Merry Xmas.    

Janet Puchlik

These were part of the ornaments I made when I first got married and Gerry and I had our own tree. This was a set.

Franziska Garcia

My Christmas ornament was given to me by my mother. It brings back memories of past Christmas celebrations at my parents’ home, my family, Germany, a real tree with real candles, my parents’ ever-growing collection of Christmas ornaments.

Bruce Macpherson

This ornament is over 60 years old. My mother made it before I was born. Like many newlyweds my father and mother were on a tight budget and needed to be very careful of their spending and so handmade ornaments. This is the first ornament I can remember. At a very early age I fell in love with it and claimed it as my own. From that time I have placed this pine cone skier on our tree.

Vivian Vivero

My ornament represents my infatuation with collecting tiny objects, my sporadic and arbitrary interests (dinosaurs) and my favorite color.

Jose Larco

Little ones Christmas spirit!!!

William Anaya

This ornament holds a special memory for me. In 2013, my husband and I had purchased our first home together and we were excited to host the family over for the holidays. My older sister surprised us with this very special ornament to commemorate the occasion. I love it because it has two little heads popping out of the windows with each head wearing a hat with our names on it. No matter how many Christmases may come and go, this ornament will always remind me of that special time in our lives.

Korina Salas

This is the first ornament we got for our first apartment.

Shemiki Petties

One of the best and most influential Christmas gifts I’ve ever received as a child was a collection of folk and fairy tales from my father. This little hedgehog ornament represents one of my favorite fairytales from that compendium. 

Michelle Ferial Asadies

In the Persian Calendar, we celebrate December 21st, Winter Solstice, which is the eve of the birth of Mithra, the Sun God, who symbolized light, goodness and strength on earth.

Every year, in the longest night of the year, we get together with our family and loved ones for a feast of candlelight dinner, drinks, fruits mainly pomegranate and a good night of poetry.

This little homegrown pomegranate symbolized the fruit of heaven to my family. We have had it since we were expecting Aidin. Every year, we put two more pomegranates next to it and take our family portraits. 

Tidus Ta

This ornament is special to me because it is the first ornament that me and my love put together and hung on our first Christmas tree.

Amber Pauli

The heart milagro is one of the most common motifs in religious folk art created in Mexico symbolic of a prayer to a saint or a ‘thank you’ for an answered wish. My oldest sister gave this to me while living in a town outside of Mexico City called Tepotzotlán with her family. This ornament lives above my stove year round reminds me of my love and gratitude for my friends and family.

Melinda Lehman

Long ago my ornaments got lost
Too many moves and they got tossed
So I made this guy
With googly eyes
When I was totally sauced