Announcing PDA’s New Video Series ‘Basics With Bruce’

Today we are excited to announce our new YouTube series ‘Basics With Bruce’ where PDA’s Principal, Bruce Macpherson, explores everything from the latest in healthcare design trends and technology to how to tackle successful project delivery.

Accessibility - Things to Know When Remodeling Your Hospital

In my capacity as the Chairman of the Hospital Building Safety Board I have occasion to interact with code changes and their implications. Of particular interest right now is not so much a code change, but rather a potential implication created by the adoption of the 2016 California Building Code (CBC).

Hospital within a Hospital Success in California

With healthcare in flux, the challenges and scarcity of receiving reimbursements have become a horrendous effort for healthcare providers. However burdensome, this issue has created opportunities for the healthcare industry to look at new ways of generating income.

New Ophthalmology Specialty Surgical Center Opened in Beverly Hills

PDA provided full architectural services for this 10,000 square foot renovation to accommodate the new Ophthalmology Specialty Surgical Center slated for OSHPD 3 certification. Designed to comply with OSHPD 3 requirements, the Surgical Center includes