White Memorial Co-Generation Plant

PDA provided full architectural services for this new co-generation plant at White Memorial Medical Center. The project consists of the co-generation system of one C1000Kw Natural Gas Microturbines that work in tandem with the hospital's power system. The waste heat is utilized to produce hot water for use by the hospital and offset the electrical base load, as well as provide hot water  and chilled water to the facility, boosting their overall site efficiency. 

The co-generation includes a micro-turbine, “flue gas exhaust to hot water” heat recovery unit and a hot water absorption chiller. The micro turbine and hot water recovery unit is located in an exterior utility yard. The hot water absorption chiller will be located under an existing canopy with four removed columns.

Project goals were to improve energy efficiency, lower emissions and produce high availability configuration with this aggressive approach toward energy storage. The result is a cost-effective, on-site generation that produces more energy than is consumed by the hospital.



LOCATION  los angeles, CA


CLIENT  adventist health