Building 1 North Wing and 2 West Wing are one-story reinforced masonry shear wall buildings with a partial basement the buildings were evaluated by our team and deemed to deficient due to inadequate out-of-plan  wall anchorage as well as stiffness  of the wall anchors.  The project consisted of installing multiple HSS steel beams on the roof in order to tie the roof diaphragm to the masonry walls and the perimeter wall together.   

Building 3 The project involved the strengthening of the existing concrete columns and beams at multiple locations through-out the four story tower and basement, in order to increase the shear strength and ultimately mitigate the vertical discontinuity.  After working together with the  owner and team fiber wrap was chosen as the best solution to strengthening the structure  because it was the least impact to the hospital and most cost effective.  We are currently installing earthquake monitoring instruments as part of this project to characterize the response of the building during an earthquake and will include at least one tri-axial free field instrument or equivalent.