PDA provides new perspectives in the most challenging site conditions. Our experts apply specialized architectural, engineering and materials science to the maintenance and rehabilitation of facilities throughout California. Our team conducts thorough research and investigation of buildings and other infrastructure slated for reconstruction. With this solid foundation, PDA is able to mount a comprehensive plan of improvements that can be accomplished with ongoing engagement and an understanding of the problems that can plague a project of any size.

Be it harsh climate conditions, a mission critical event, or the inevitable effects of age, buildings require ongoing maintenance and rehabilitation to assure long-term performance. We guarantee comprehensive condition surveys, deterioration and distress evaluations, nondestructive testing, monitoring and instrumentation, peer reviews, and repair program development. We work with our clients to upgrade systems ranging from mechanical, electrical, emergency power, nurse call, fire alarm, voluntary seismic improvements and more. When emergency repairs or replacements are required, we understand that time is of the essence and more closely with regulators, inspectors and contractors to effect the effect the repair or replacement without putting the facility in further jeopardy.

We work extensively with our clients to develop cost-effective and technically sound solutions to every problem we encounter.

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