As CEO of a mid-sized architecture firm, Melinda believes that her most important responsibility is to inspire and motivate. By creating a fertile and positive environment, providing opportunities for education and development, and empowering teams with authority and accountability, individuals will take ownership and strive to reach their full potential, services will improve, and client relations will soar. Always seeking continuous improvement for herself and the teams she leads, Melinda believes that growth only comes from a willingness to change and challenge oneself.

Melinda oversees strategic planning, goal setting, client relations, and alignment of operations, financials, business development, and staff development. In this role she draws on over 25 years of Architectural project management, contract development, planning, and programming experience on numerous healthcare, sports and event projects throughout the USA and in Hong Kong, China, Australia and England.

A skilled group facilitator, Melinda is at her best when leading large project teams from numerous cultural backgrounds and finding common ground and goals on which to build solution-oriented approaches and attitudes. Continuously improving her skills in leadership, dispute resolution, negotiation, and effective communication, she quickly grasps multi-faceted issues and develops win-win solutions for stakeholders who have a wide and often disparate range of needs and interests.