OSHPD Repeals 60/30/30 Plan Reviews


OSHPD Repeals  60/30/30 Plan Reviews

At the last Hospital Building Safety Board (HBSB) meeting, Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) Deputy Director, Paul Coleman announced the cancellation of the OSHPD 60/30/30 Turnaround Goal Program. This program established due dates for the completion of various aspects of the plan review. Within 60 days, the first review was to be performed, followed by subsequent backchecks within 30 days and amended construction documents within 30 days.

An overall approach to plan review time estimates will replace the 60/30/30 Turnaround Goal Program. When a set of documents is accepted by OSHPD as ready for review, OSHPD will issue a notice with an estimated date for plan approval. The notice will also indicate the number of backcheck plan reviews anticipated. OSHPD expects that this new approach will allow sufficient time for a comprehensive initial plan review and minimize new plan review comments in subsequent backcheck reviews.

The estimated date for plan approval will be based on historic data that OSHPD has been tracking for a number of years. Data for projects of a similar size and scope will be used to establish the estimated date for plan approval.

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