Staff Promotions



PDA is pleased to announce the promotion of two talented staff members who have made significant contributions in advancing PDA’s healthcare design and project delivery to our clients. Please join us in celebrating their achievements.



Promoted to Project Manager. Cindy Ferrer brings over 14 years of professional experience to PDA’s clients.  Since joining PDA in 2015, Cindy has been an instrumental team member on a number of long-term, post-acute care and skilled nursing renovations from inception through construction. She is currently managing a complex interim housing project for the Union Rescue Mission, which is scheduled to break ground in December.  As a skilled mentor, Cindy holds herself and her team to high standards and provides recognition for great performance. She consistently demonstrates leadership and excellent interpersonal skills that result in successful projects, satisfied clients, and happy teams. 

“I’m thrilled to take on a role where I can work closer with our visionary clients to see their projects come to fruition. I also enjoy mentoring staff in a refined manner, which helps the team build confidence to successfully complete a project. Here at PDA, we are striving to meet the needs of a transforming healthcare environment. I am happy to work toward that goal in collaboration with our clients.”



Promoted to Project Supervisor. Since joining PDA in 2012, Korina has become an invaluable member of the firm. Embracing new challenges and learning opportunities, Korina is a leader in PDA’s hospital of 2040 initiative. She excels at solving technical problems and is a highly collaborative team member. By taking initiative on projects such as Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage, Centinela Hospital Medical Center seismic upgrade, and Providence Holy Cross Palliative Care Suite, Korina has proven herself to be a commendable role model who gets the job done.

“Emerging professionally in the healthcare architecture sector has been one the most challenging yet rewarding experiences. Looking forward to partaking in the future of this evolving field.”