PDA Design Lab 360

PDA Design Lab 360
Expanding Horizons for Staff and Clients


PDA’s Design Lab 360 is a monthly forum where our staff engages in roundtable discussions, charrettes and brainstorming sessions related to the healthcare industry and our in-house architectural projects. Open to all staff to participate as a part of the Design Team, the platform creates opportunity to push ideas further, explore lessons learned, healthcare design trends, programming methodologies, project delivery, 3D modeling tips and emerging technologies. Facilitated by PDA’s Design Element Leader and Project Manager, Michelle Ferial Asadies, these focused sessions foster communication amongst our staff while strengthening creative problem solving skills and the ability to think outside of the box.

As a result, our team walks away with valuable knowledge and tools they can apply directly to their projects – positively influencing both their professional growth and our client’s satisfaction.

PDA Design Lab 360 creates a collaborative team-oriented environment as it calls for a paradigm shift - changing the focus from individual accomplishment to the success of the team as a whole. Through brainstorming, design activities, desktop research and presentation, we look at ways to improve the outcome of every project in the office. We use the Design Lab as a platform to think outside the realm of our day-to-day projects activities and explore methods to improve our services to our clients and the stakeholders (patient, staff and families).” – Michelle Ferial Asadies, AIA, ARB, LEED AP