Working With OSHPD

PDA specializes in healthcare design and, in particular, working with OSHPD. The firm has worked closely with OSHPD since its inception in 1983, making us one of the most advanced firms in the architectural industry for statewide healthcare protocol.

Renovation and expansion projects often have complicated regulation challenges and PDA will investigate creative approaches to solving these issues cost effectively and efficiently. We make a point of understanding the intended purposes behind every regulation so that we can effectively apply codes and suggest alternative means of compliance when it benefits our clients. We take pride in making the OSHPD process more straightforward for our clients. 

Working effectively with OSHPD is an art in itself. OSHPD consists of multiple disciplines that are involved from design review through construction close out which can lead to differing interpretations and approaches. We take a Team approach from the onset of a project in order to minimize the potential for discrepancies and maximize opportunities for success. We treat OSHPD as a stakeholder, not a roadblock. 

PDA’s Principals are leaders in the development and application of codes and regulations: 

  • In 2018, Principal Bruce Macpherson was elected Chairman of OSHPD's Hospital Building Safety Board (HBSB) for a second term. In addition, Mr. Macpherson was a stakeholder member of OSHPD committee on revising “OSHPD 3” clinic regulations.

  • Principal Gerald Puchlik is Task Force member for the integration of the House Hold Model for Long Term Care into the California Building Codes. Mr. Puchlik is also a member of the Care Delivery Design Improvement Committee (CDDIC) – ie: Leading Age & California Association of Health Facilities (CAFA) – that addresses OSHPD regulations for Skilled Nursing Facilities and he served as Chair of the SB-1953 Compliance Guide Lines (Alquist Seismic Act).