Seismic Upgrade

PDA offers experience-based architectural services that give owners, property managers, engineers and contractors a roadmap to achieve their compliance goals.

We are at the forefront of seismic upgrade design for existing structures. Our vast experience allows us to identify clients’ unique needs from the start. PDA implements the most advanced technology and best practices and provides service that looks beyond current codes and anticipates the geographical shifts inherent in Southern Californian communities.

We provide an all-inclusive plan to reduce interruptions and financial impact in the event of seismic activity. Each project is distinctive. PDA gives careful consideration to the type of construction, its occupancy, architectural vernacular and historical status. We do this by first reviewing the conceptual seismic solution as a starting point and go on to perform a strategic and comprehensive analysis. There can be a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to minimizing operational interruptions. We use a seismic assessment to address key building performance issues and then optimize our approach to provide a streamlined and integrated seismic compliance. With a well-established framework of experience, we help our clients identify and resolve seismic deficiencies.

Featured Projects