This project encompasses Voluntary Seismic Improvements and Electrical Service Upgrades to entire campus as required by the SB1953 State law. Upgrades included roof diaphragm connection to shear walls for lateral load path continuity, in addition to new 3-Branch Segregated Services. 

West Anaheim Medical Center is located in a constantly developing area that is home to Disneyland and other major tourist attractions, along with a high concentration of hotels and small businesses. The increasing influx of people to the area required improved emergency services at a hospital where the demand was already at a significant high. 

Remodeling of the Emergency Department was completed in 2006 to increase efficiency, allowing for updates to equipment and services and enabled the medical center to meet demands for emergency services. The addition doubled the capacity from 11 to 23 beds and provided a comfortable new waiting area. Angiograph and RF remodels are also part of the campus-wide improvements.